2018 cycling week and a family cycle camping trip

This year I was planning on doing the Tour De Manche, then when I worked out I couldn’t really afford the ferries, and the timings didn’t quite work out for me I looked at doing the Lon Las Cymru again, or doing the Way of the Roses and W2W cycle route as a circular trip. None of this came off for a number of reasons (not least because most of the people I’d rope in to dog sit went off on holiday) so I ended up having a week off from home. Living in Somerset though this isn’t a massive chore though and I soon hit upon an idea, I was going to visit every National Trust site (and cafe) within a 15 mile radius of Taunton. I’d also planned a cycle camping weekend with my daughter at the end of the week, if you’re only interested in that skip to the end!

First though I had to cycle the Avon Cycleway audax, 130km round Bristol. Continue reading “2018 cycling week and a family cycle camping trip”