Devon Coast to Coast with Kids – Day 1

…well one child anyway!


Having promised my daughter a camping trip for a while we headed off on Saturday morning to cycle the Devon Coast to Coast route and camp along the way. After studying the route, we decided it would be easier to get a drop off at the Sainsbury’s on the end of Plymouth rather than start at the actual route start on the Hoe. This cut out a lot of trekking into town for the drop off and a lot of fiddly in town riding back out. The added benefit being that Continue reading “Devon Coast to Coast with Kids – Day 1”

2018 cycling week and a family cycle camping trip

This year I was planning on doing the Tour De Manche, then when I worked out I couldn’t really afford the ferries, and the timings didn’t quite work out for me I looked at doing the Lon Las Cymru again, or doing the Way of the Roses and W2W cycle route as a circular trip. None of this came off for a number of reasons (not least because most of the people I’d rope in to dog sit went off on holiday) so I ended up having a week off from home. Living in Somerset though this isn’t a massive chore though and I soon hit upon an idea, I was going to visit every National Trust site (and cafe) within a 15 mile radius of Taunton. I’d also planned a cycle camping weekend with my daughter at the end of the week, if you’re only interested in that skip to the end!

First though I had to cycle the Avon Cycleway audax, 130km round Bristol. Continue reading “2018 cycling week and a family cycle camping trip”