PCW – Day 5

Hardest day of cycling ever. Furthest and ┬ámost elevation gained. Started well. Good breakfast at the Sun Inn. Not raining as well which was also a benefit! Having to put on slightly damp clothes was a bit of a downer but there wasn’t really much choice. So off I went […]

PCW – Day 4

Hardest day of cycling ever. Today it rained. All day. Not weak southern rain, but proper Yorkshire rain. Rain that just did not stop. The only upside was it wasn’t that cold. Even so, I decided to chop off a few corners of my route to minimise my time in […]

PCW – Day 3

When I made my random decision a few weeks back to cancel all my pre-booked bed and breakfasts, and camp instead (it’ll be fine, I’ve got the bike and it’ll be cheaper! Plus look at the lovely weather. Prat.) I’d left 2 B&B’s which I’d already paid for. Therefore I […]

PCW – Day 2

Had a rather good nights sleep in the tent. This was the first night of use for some new equipment (including the tent!) and it all worked rather well. Star buy has to be the Alpkit Dumo mattress though. Was amazingly comfortable. Started the morning after breakfast and packing up […]

PCW – Day 1

Day one started late, train to be caught at 12:50pm for a nice long ride all the way to Berwick Upon Tweed. Last minute changes to the cycling load was to swap out my 1 season sleeping bag for a 3 season one, and stick in some full finger gloves […]

another year…

…another cycling holiday. So the planned holiday this year is the Pennine Cycleway. 360 miles of cycling along the spine of England from the very north most point to my parents. Ok, the actual route stops in Derby but it seems silly not to extend it slightly and abuse the […]