PCW – Day 7

Hardest day of cycling ev… actually a lovely nice days ride. One final big hill to climb, 2 smaller steep hills and a slow cruise til Burton.

As I needed to get to Burton Upon Trent by 3:30 for the train I was up and out of the campsite by 8am. The lane out of the back of Combs joins up with route 68 at the top of the ridge, so up I went. Final bit of bike pushing I hoped, but unfortunately not the case. I had heard the top of the old road that the route uses is not the greatest. This was not a lie. The first section is basically just piles of house bricks. This only went on for 100ft though and wasn’t so bad. Then its just an unused and old road. There’s patches of tarmac and it’s easily rideable. I thought that was it.  All good. Unfortunately after going over the summit there was a bigger patch of house bricks, some sand, and because it looked like someone had scraped off the bottom of their car, patches  of oil. Luckily it only went on a bit, then turned back into a proper lane, which led to a main road, which lead directly into Buxton all downhill. Continue reading “PCW – Day 7”