PCW – Day 4

Hardest day of cycling ever.

Today it rained. All day. Not weak southern rain, but proper Yorkshire rain. Rain that just did not stop. The only upside was it wasn’t that cold. Even so, I decided to chop off a few corners of my route to minimise my time in outside. It did rain all day I was out. Actually I lie it stopped when I was just short of the top of ¬†Great Asby Scar but it was just toying with me. 30 feet later as I crested the ridge it started raining again, with the added fun of having it blow directly into my face.

Only upside of the whole day was I was able to pack my tent up before it started pissing it down. Continue reading “PCW – Day 4”

PCW – Day 3

When I made my random decision a few weeks back to cancel all my pre-booked bed and breakfasts, and camp instead (it’ll be fine, I’ve got the bike and it’ll be cheaper! Plus look at the lovely weather. Prat.) I’d left 2 B&B’s which I’d already paid for. Therefore I started this day rather well., with a brilliant cooked breakfast and a decent chat with the owner, whilst she made me a flask of fresh coffee to take with me. This meant I left a bit later than planned but that was ok, I had all day.

What followed was my hardest cycling day ever.

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