The wife and daughter are going on holiday in Cornwall with the mother in law, and the grandmother in law. I am staying at home and dog sitting. So with the clever application of the aunty dog sitter I am off cycling for the week 🙂

On Sunday I will be starting my latest cycling adventure, the Lon Las Cymru extended all the way to Taunton. This is supposedly the hardest marked path on the Sustrans network, and at 300 miles is the longest I’ve cycled in one block. I’ve planned to do this over 6 days and will be travelling up to Holyhead on Anglesey on Sunday and heading off for the first 50 miles on Monday.

One big aspect of this route I am looking forward to/dreading is the climbing. At over 17,000 ft of climbing on the route it’s the most I will have done and will include the longest climbs I will have done as well. Against that I’ll be going round Snowdonia, over the Black Mountains, over the Cambrian mountains, over the Wentwood. I will have travelled through Gospel pass, over the mountain at Machynlleth (the 2 highest roads in Wales), and will have seen some fantastic scenery including the birth place of the Wye and Severn rivers.

Finally castles. There is some impressive looking castles on the way as well. Yey.